Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 9: Why should I vacuum more often?

I have to admit. I am no cleaner person. Here in Helsinki where I mostly live by my own I am not cleaning my one and only room weekly. Okay, of course I take garbage bags out when ever they are full. And I have separate bags for papers and bio waste. Empty bottles I put into plastic bag and take them to shop next time visiting there. Since I have no washing machine I have two different way to handle laundry. Towels and bedclothes I put into big plastic Ikea bag and when needed, I go to launderette. Other clothing I carry back and forth, that is I wash them in Naantali.

But vacuuming - that activity is done too rarely. Really! Today I vacuumed after seeing what is under my bed. Sorry for bad quality but believe me - there was lot of dust!

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