Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 1: Why don't I lose weight?

I was sitting in restaurant eating pizza and drinking beer with my friend Susanna. We discussed about blogging. I told I have this idea to take a photo every day and then write something about myself based on that photo.

Suddenly we were discussing idea to take photo of my/herself  every day and blogging about weight loss. Since I am not feeling comfortable in front of the camera I would rather photo my clothes and follow how they are getting smaller and smaller - or bigger and bigger if thinking how they fit me. But I am not going to blog about losing weight. Root cause and the truth is I am not losing any weight. I am not actually even dieting but anyway it would be nice to lose some weight - wouldn't it.

This is my pizza diet: I am fooling myself by not eating the outer part of pizza. (I don't know what is proper word for that part, sorry.)

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