Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 24: What?

I thought I took a nice photo of daisy. How little I noticed while taking that photo! When I looked that photo in laptop I noticed that I photoed daisy and some black visitors. Once again it was proved that camera see more than human eye and picture tells more than thousand word. Just try to identify all the little details in this picture and let then tell you their story.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 23: Can you see? I am walking alone.

Last night I was wondering can I walk in sidewalk alone. Today I was walking and taking pictures just to prove myself something. If you think that it has something to do with walking alone you got it wrong. Those who really knows me - they know that I don't wanna be photographed. Well, now I am proving to myself that it is not so bad. But maybe I still have long way to face photos - this time it is only part of  my scarf and shirt. Let's see how long it takes to have enough courage to take self-portrait.

PS. How wrong one can be? There is already one self-portrait in this blog but maybe we shouldn't count that to be real self-portrait.

Day 22: Can I walk here?

It was quite late and I was walking to my rental flat after visiting my goddaughter. I was tired and my head was full of stupid thoughts. And then suddenly I got this really foolish question to my head: can I walk here without anyone holding my hand?

Why sidewalks are marked with "parent and child walking and holding hand"? Should there be separate sidewalks for people walking alone? Or should I wait until someone comes and is willing to walk with me holding my hand? So stupid idea that I had to take picture of the sign...

Day 21: Why don't I learn?

How many times this has to happen before I learn my lesson? Last time this happened in the end of last year. And if I remembered correctly also then I was away from my rental flat more than just weekend. Now it happened again. I left on Wednesday morning and came back on Tuesday afternoon and yeah - once again door of my refrigerator was not closed. It looked like closed but when getting near the truth was obvious: I had not closed it all the way. And as you can guess - there was lot of ice in the back wall.

Why don't I learn?

Day 20: What there is in the bag?

Once again it was the evening when I needed to pack all things I think I will be needing while in Helsinki. One important is of course all work related things. I can't work without notebooks, calendar and of course - laptop. Usually I also have some book with me and most likely extra material since you never know what you'll be needing in home office.

Yeh! So I think. I wonder when I realize that only things I need to carry with me are laptop and token - perhaps notebook - but definitely not any extra printed material or books. Maybe in the future in this bag there will be only the most important things and I don't carry back and forth any unnecessary things. While waiting for that let's guess what there is in this bag?


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 19: Why do we have Muurikka pan?

Few years ago we bought Muurikka pan. Last Thursday we first time used our pan to grill meat and vegetables. And then on Friday again vegetables while meat was barbecued in gas grill . I have to say that it was quite easy and quick to prepare food. I think we will use our pan more and more for grilling vegetable and even meat if we want to have so called quick food.

But the fundamental reason why we have Muurikka pan are crepes. They are so goooooooood!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 18: What to do on another rainy day?

Yesterday it was great day: sun was shining and it was warm. Today it has been totally different kind of weather. We have not been spending time on our back yard - instead I was sitting in balcony reading "The Scarpetta Factor" by Patricia Cornwell - one of my favorite authors. My husband was mainly watching TV but spent some time with me in balcony. He was reading "The Summer of Dead Toys" written by Antonio Hill.

My youngest daughter (18 years) is here together with her friend. They got bored and asked me to play Trivial Pursuit with them. I have to say I am not very good at this game. I prefer other kind of games but since it was raining outside and reading made me sleepy I decided to show my stupidity.

Day 17: Where is my paradise?

My paradise is located on our backyard in Naantali. Last summer we put lot of money and time to create our own little paradise and we did succeed - at least we feel like it. Today, on sunny Midsummer Friday, I spent most of the day sitting in backyard - reading book and drinking cold drinks. And one ice creams! If only there would be more these sunny days and I would be more often at home in Naantali.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 16: Why to think positive?

Today it was last working day before midsummer and I was remote working. I have to say that this day was not anyway normal working day. At 12 PM EET we had team meating where our manager told that we (meaning my new team) will be separated into two different teams. At 12.30 PM EET we had meeting with whole unit about organizational update and what changes there will be for different teams. Who is belonging to what team, what are team names and why this organizational change is done.

I have to say that changes which will take place in the beginning of next month are actually quite healthy and will lead us to better deliveries in long run. But still feeling little sad - it was not told who will be manager for my new team or other new teams. And now I am trying to think positive - it is still possible that my manager won't change. And until new manager is announced I am happy to have so far the best manager ever. Maybe even here attitude accounts. Think positive!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 15: Who could say no to strawberries?

Today I bought strawberries from Pasila railway stations on my way to home. Those were from Spain. And they were the biggest disappointment of the day (even I heard some depressing news earlier today...) - not sweet at all and with money spend on those I would have had bought licorice which would have made me happy for sure. Next time I skip these Spanish strawberries! Even they looked very tempting in my bag.

Day 14: Why I have asked for cow cards?

As mentioned I do postcrossing. In my wish list (user soikkis) there are cards with cows, birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Birds, butterflies and dragonflies - I photograph them and enjoy that a lot. One part of the joy is trying to recognize what bird/butterfly/dragonfly there is in  a photo.

But cows! Maybe I like cows because I lived in a little farm in childhood. But look at this cow in card I received - who could say no to that face.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 13: Why I need to know where letter boxes are located?

I have a hobby called postcrossing ( I am sending and receiving cards from all over the world. And I am so enthusiastic that I have two accounts: one for Helsinki ( and another one for Naantali address ( I really enjoy this hobby. Sometimes senders are writing something about themselves, sometimes about their country and sometimes it is something else. Every card is surprise.

The nearest letter box here in Helsinki is about 150 meters from my rented flat. Another one is on my way to work. In Naantali nearest one is about half kilometer from my home. So I really know my nearest letter boxes and know the collection schedule.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 12: How many there are living under our roof?

I noticed one week ago that we have bird habitants living under our roof. Today I finally managed to photograph activities under our roof. There I was standing outside in the rain (yes - it is rainy Sunday) and staring corner of our wall. My neck is not thanking for doing that.

I have no idea how many young birds there are but mother and father tit were flying on and off with worms or something in their mouth. In this collage are some of the photos I managed to took while standing there in the rain. Few years ago I wouldn't have been interested at all and most likely not even noticed these birds. Photography has changed me this way - as mentioned already in yesterday's blog post.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 11: Who is living here?

This spring I bought insect hotel. Yes - really I did. I like to photo butterflies, dragonflies and other insects. After I started photography I have noticed that my way of look around has changed. I might stop walking after noticing something crawling in the ground. Or I can almost run after butterflies when I saw then flying around. Or I stop to listen birds and try to see and recognize them.

But back to our insect hotel. We have guests. I wonder who is living behind these closed doors.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 10: How vain (or stupid) I can be?

I am not vain at all - in my own opinion. Except today I have feeling that I have been overwhelmingly vain, in fact totally stupid. I have used shoes which can be classified to be high heels for me. You know, I have osteoarthritis in foot or most probably in feet. Only other one has been x-rayed but symptoms are similar in both. And yes - doctor has told me not to to use high heels, not even "low level high heels". If such expression can be given.

Well, since I have been wearing dresses for couple last days I somehow in all my stupidity decided to use these "low high heels". And as the result I now have few blisters in my toes. Ouch!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 9: Why should I vacuum more often?

I have to admit. I am no cleaner person. Here in Helsinki where I mostly live by my own I am not cleaning my one and only room weekly. Okay, of course I take garbage bags out when ever they are full. And I have separate bags for papers and bio waste. Empty bottles I put into plastic bag and take them to shop next time visiting there. Since I have no washing machine I have two different way to handle laundry. Towels and bedclothes I put into big plastic Ikea bag and when needed, I go to launderette. Other clothing I carry back and forth, that is I wash them in Naantali.

But vacuuming - that activity is done too rarely. Really! Today I vacuumed after seeing what is under my bed. Sorry for bad quality but believe me - there was lot of dust!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 8: What is wrong in this picture?

I decided to visit Linnanmäki amusement park since it was sunny evening. It is not far away from my rented flat ("love nest".) I took my camera and one book with me. I can sit for hours reading and watching people. I do that a lot also in Naantali near Moomin World. I like to see the happiness in children's faces. And sometime I feel sorry for parents struggling with their tired crying children.

As always - the smell of pop corns and candyfloss was strong. Children were walking and eating and of course - there was all time time something dropping on the ground. Seagulls were eating what ever they could find.  But truth is that these seagulls are not starving - it is  the other way round.

But my idea of Linnanmäki diet is little bit different. It is not based on pop corn or candyfloss. The key word is "Fun path", and to be exact, mirrors in there. So, what is wrong in this picture?

Day 7: How do I fit to my new team?

Yes, I have new team - since beginning of May 2012. We had two days team meeting here in Helsinki and I met my team mates from other Nordic countries first time face to face. I have to say that based on experience so far this team is as good as my previous team. They are all great guys and even boss is nice.

This picture was not taken by me. Can you find me? I can give you one hint: I am in minority.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 6: Why do I want to remote work?

It is Monday and I have been remote working. I love these days! I don't have to leave home. If I need a break I can even lay down for a moment if necessary. In my previous team these days were the ones when job was done. With that I mean that in here there is no disturbance - no one is coming beside my desk and interrup what ever it is I am doing. And that time it was also about not see my boss.

Now I have new job and I am still kind of getting acquainted my new tasks. My new office environment is totally different than in previous office. No disturbance, fewer colleagues and nothing wrong with boss. But still I want to remote work. I enjoy days when I can stay home and I do not need travel to Helsinki. It takes about 2 and half hour to travel from Naantali to Helsinki. And then I will live there in my little rented flat for several days - without television, without company - all by myself.

Here I have it all: television, company, more room(s) and lovely back yard teracce where to sit and enjoy these sunny summer days. Only disadvantages are that my remote work desk is much smaller than the one in office and laptop is also small one so it is hard to my shoulders to work with it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 5: How to find recipes?

Today I visited my goddaughter. Her mother had baked many delicous pies and cakes. My goddaughter (16 years) wanted to have the recipe for lemon pie which her mother had baked. Her mother had little notebook full of recipes and I leafed it meanwhile we discussed that nowadays it is very easy to find out recipes from internet and actually we wouldn't need any notebooks or cook books anymore. Except if the internet is not available. At least I have this problem in my "love nest". Almost every evening my USB modem stops to co-operate with me!

Friday my friend gave me some rhubarbs. Today I finally cut those into peaces. Then I searched for rhubarb recipes and yes, found many variations, both in English and in Finnish. Here is one English site: . Now it is only matter of baking. Maybe some other day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 4: What to do on rainy days?

Yesterday the wheather was sunny - today it has been raining all the day. It is summer and I really would like to sit in our teracce and enjoy life with fresh air and sun. But that was not the case today. We have been watching tv and I got really bored with that - even I don't have tv in my "love nest" in Helsinki.

Then I remembered: I have started this puzzle for some time ago and it is quite challenging - like puzzles usually are.

Day 3: How to eat your salad?

I have never been fan of salad dressings. I think it is better to eat your salads and veggies as their are. Even though I love ceasar calad because of its dressing. But when talking about selfmade salads with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, water melon and stuff like that - I don't use salad dressings. Once again I am fooling myself. It doesn't matter how much calories I am avoiding when leaving the dressing out - it matters what else I eat. 

But we always have bottle or two different dressings available for those who are not fooling themselves.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 2: How I got my face washed?

I love these evenings when I come back home after spending time in Helsinki in my "love nest". Today I was especial happy since tomorrow me and two old colleagues of mine are going to sit in our back yard, grill, drink beer or cider and have a lot of fun. As first thing I started to wash our teracce since there was huge amount of pollen. My dear husband helped me: he was spraying water and I was swapping.  And then suddenly - I got my face washed. Oops!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 1: Why don't I lose weight?

I was sitting in restaurant eating pizza and drinking beer with my friend Susanna. We discussed about blogging. I told I have this idea to take a photo every day and then write something about myself based on that photo.

Suddenly we were discussing idea to take photo of my/herself  every day and blogging about weight loss. Since I am not feeling comfortable in front of the camera I would rather photo my clothes and follow how they are getting smaller and smaller - or bigger and bigger if thinking how they fit me. But I am not going to blog about losing weight. Root cause and the truth is I am not losing any weight. I am not actually even dieting but anyway it would be nice to lose some weight - wouldn't it.

This is my pizza diet: I am fooling myself by not eating the outer part of pizza. (I don't know what is proper word for that part, sorry.)