Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 5: How to find recipes?

Today I visited my goddaughter. Her mother had baked many delicous pies and cakes. My goddaughter (16 years) wanted to have the recipe for lemon pie which her mother had baked. Her mother had little notebook full of recipes and I leafed it meanwhile we discussed that nowadays it is very easy to find out recipes from internet and actually we wouldn't need any notebooks or cook books anymore. Except if the internet is not available. At least I have this problem in my "love nest". Almost every evening my USB modem stops to co-operate with me!

Friday my friend gave me some rhubarbs. Today I finally cut those into peaces. Then I searched for rhubarb recipes and yes, found many variations, both in English and in Finnish. Here is one English site: . Now it is only matter of baking. Maybe some other day.

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