Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 16: Why to think positive?

Today it was last working day before midsummer and I was remote working. I have to say that this day was not anyway normal working day. At 12 PM EET we had team meating where our manager told that we (meaning my new team) will be separated into two different teams. At 12.30 PM EET we had meeting with whole unit about organizational update and what changes there will be for different teams. Who is belonging to what team, what are team names and why this organizational change is done.

I have to say that changes which will take place in the beginning of next month are actually quite healthy and will lead us to better deliveries in long run. But still feeling little sad - it was not told who will be manager for my new team or other new teams. And now I am trying to think positive - it is still possible that my manager won't change. And until new manager is announced I am happy to have so far the best manager ever. Maybe even here attitude accounts. Think positive!

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