Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 261: Who have visited us?

As mentioned so many times - lot of snow everywhere. One night we were wondering who have visited our back yard and teracce. So many foot prints in the snow! And what they have been doing there?

Day 260: Good bye Nokia mobile?

Well - some might think that this was some how intentional but no - I found my work mobile phone like this: one key missing. Or not missing but loose. And do you know what this means: I had to order new mobile phone and this time it will be iPhone 4S (the model available for us). And that mean that my iFamily will grow.

Day 259: Where is the cat?

Cat is on the table - as you can see. I visited my cousin and as usual in her place cats are where ever they want to be. So there were we - me and cousin drinking tea and eating biscuits, and cat was just sitting there.

Day 258: Old toy and new toy!

I was registering PostCrossing cards. For that I need only my old laptop but as you can see - I couldn't keep my new toy far away.

Day 257: My iToy - next to bed!

Well, now I can say. I need my iPad. As you can see (or most likely not see but please imagine) iPad is next to my bed and I am watching evening news just before my bed time. Yes, I need this new iToy. It is fact. (Or then not...) Oh - what you can't also most likely really see but my old laptop is under my new toy. It has not been forgotten - yet.

Day 256: Do you eat hamburgers?

Do you eat hamburgers? I don't. And reason is that when I was young I was working for couple of years in Hesburger - Finnish version of McDonald. I have not eaten many hamburgers after that. When working 8 hours in the smell of hamburgers you want to eat something else.

I don't eat even one hamburger per year, or per two year. I can't even remember when I have eaten hamburger last time!

Day 255: Helsinki-Chicago-Tokyo?

Now when I bought iPad I can't afford to travel anywhere for a while. So this is my trip Helsinki-Chicago-Tokyo and inside of it is my work mobile. This is my life!