Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 58: Getting out of breath!

Turku is city of hills - not as famous as Rome but like Rome - city of seven hills. I climbed to one of those. This picture I took in first break before continuing climbing (ang getting out of breath).

Better picture about the hill can be seen for example here.

Day 57: My childhood dream piece of furniture!

When I was a child I was always looking my grand mother's chest of drawers dreaming that it would be mine one day. My grand mother died many years ago and my dream came true - almost. My youngest daughter needed writing desk and I let her use my chest.

Now when her moved to Seinäjoki I finally have the chest of drawers just for me. And now it is time to  have it repaired and painted. So this is the last picture of it as it after spending several years with my daughter.

When ever it is back to me I add picture of it. My childhood dream!

Day 56: How to photo a dog which is all the time moving around?

I really would like to know how to photo a dog which is all the time moving around. I tried - several times - and this is the best photo in that sense that there is almost whole dog in photo.

This is my cousin's dog. Not the same cousin who has hedgehog and penguin in her back yard. This one is her big brother and my oldest cousin. BTW, I have 8 cousins alive still.

Day 55: Have you seen a hedgehog?

When I was younger there were lot of hedgehogs - or at least it felt like that. For many years I have not seen living hedgehogs - only death ones run over by cars. But in my cousin's back yard there was a  hedgehog and both me and my daughter manage to photo this spiky but so  endearing creature before it went back to bushes.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 54: Penguin!

Me and my daughter run across Finland to visit my cousin living in Pohjois-Savo. Her boyfriend called her and asked how north we actually are. "Well, there is a penguin here."

Instead having garden gnome in her back yard my cousin has this cute penguin.

Day 53: My silly man!

That's my man - asking me whether it is okay that flower to grow through the fence. Silly man - it is a climber and I would be very disappointed if it would not grow just like that.