Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 6: Why do I want to remote work?

It is Monday and I have been remote working. I love these days! I don't have to leave home. If I need a break I can even lay down for a moment if necessary. In my previous team these days were the ones when job was done. With that I mean that in here there is no disturbance - no one is coming beside my desk and interrup what ever it is I am doing. And that time it was also about not see my boss.

Now I have new job and I am still kind of getting acquainted my new tasks. My new office environment is totally different than in previous office. No disturbance, fewer colleagues and nothing wrong with boss. But still I want to remote work. I enjoy days when I can stay home and I do not need travel to Helsinki. It takes about 2 and half hour to travel from Naantali to Helsinki. And then I will live there in my little rented flat for several days - without television, without company - all by myself.

Here I have it all: television, company, more room(s) and lovely back yard teracce where to sit and enjoy these sunny summer days. Only disadvantages are that my remote work desk is much smaller than the one in office and laptop is also small one so it is hard to my shoulders to work with it.

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