Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 69: Have to own the book!

Both me and husband like to read. And we both have the same approach: we have to own books - it is not the same to go to library. For several years we have planned to go through every and each book we own and create some kind of database (we both are working in it business...). And yes - we did it. This time only for fiction part of our home "library". And the result was .... (drumming) ... 1162 books.

My daughters who are not so interested in owning books (and to be honest: not reading so much)  already calculated something like this: when you die we sell these books and if are selling them 1 euro per book we will have over 1000 euro. Well - it is nice to know that they have plans already in place. Some kind of foolishess would that be if we are not selling them ourselves and using the money for something nice.

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