Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 63: Yuck!

I went out with my camera. I walked here and there. I also visited in near by woods. I didn't find nothing much to be photoed and I was little bit disappointed. Or frustrated. I was telling my husband how I didn't manage to find nothing interesting. And then I felt it... There was something back of my neck, something hard and it was like clued into my sweater.

Yuck! Eek! Oh my god - what is this?

It is Large poplar longhorn and not so frightening after I got it out of my neck. Funny guy. We moved it to our back yard but after two hours we moved it back to woods where it belongs. It didn't want to leave us or it was totally lost and since I has moved it far away of it range - we felt like we have the obligation to do that.

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