Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 65: Not the best performance!

We visited my husband's father in Salo. Since it was Thursday, we also visited Salon Iltatori (only in Finnish, sorry). It is market happening held in every Thursday evening during summer time. There are lot of sellers - both "professionals" and ordinary people selling what ever stuff. And of course lot of people wandering around either buying or only looking around.We are like those last ones.

Since this is very popular event and Salo is not so big town there are - of course - not so many parking lots available and that is why it is almost like a competition of finding empty space. Some people are in more hurry than others. And I think owner of this car was in huge hurry and obviously (s)he is not the best in parking car.

Like one friend of mine commented this picture in Facebook "pretty close - there is one wheel in the parking space". :)

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