Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 52: Who is the official Sleepyhead in year 2012?

In Naantali we have this tradition which is beginning from this year also official trademark: Sleepyhead of the year is thrown into cold sea water. Hundreds, maybe even thousands people are waking up early in the morning and watching the poor guy (or girl) getting the cold wake up bathc. So did we and we had done this for several years since moved into Naantali. Think - we are waking up before six in the morning and cycling to old town just for that. Who wants to wake up so early on vacation? Only dummies - I think.

This year I managed to photo how  the official Sleepyhead, the CEO of the Muumimaailma (Moominworld) Tomi Lohikoski,  was thrown into water.

Day 51: Semmarit!

I am huge fan of Seminaarimäen Mieslaulajat. They were once again in Turku and that is must to me. This time I managed to photo their bus standing outside of Turku City Theatre. The concert was gorgeous and once again it offered the best of Semmarit. They even played one of my all time favorite: Nuoruudenlähteeseen.

Day 50: How not to use sandals?

Bah! People are really misusing sandals. In my opinion sandals are used in summertime and without any socks so that toes can get fresh air. No socks!

I was  sitting in Naantali and photoing feet. It made me really annoyed to see people wearing socks with sandals.