Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 152: Wanna-be-something!

My youngest daughter has always said to me that I wanna-be Roland - meaning that I am trying to be as good photographer as Roland. Or I have big dreams but no possibilities to achieve my dream. Or something like that.

Today I visited stand-up night where 7 wanna-be-stand-up-comedians were giving their best at the stage. Not at all bad performance - sometimes I really enjoyed - sometimes I felt sorry and sometime I was abashed: is it okay to laugh for this. But new field of art for me and cultural experience with shock effect. And what else to do on rainy Monday evening...

But the reason why I visited there was this one wanna-be, "business executive Ullgrén" as he was presented. Husband of my colleague and after all - not so bad at all. I really laughed for his story about how similar drag business and IT business is. I don't know whether that really works in English but in Finnish, it was quite good.

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