Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 39: Why I love butterflies?

I like to photo butterflies. Finnish summer is so short and when ever possible I go out with my camera. I just love butterflies: they are so beautiful. So fragile! And sometimes very mesmerizing. When they fly I can watch and follow them for a while before getting possibility to photo. Sometimes the possibility is not there. And that is also one part of the fun. You never know whether you manage to photo them or not. And even when I think I have a photo in my camera - it might be totally blurry or only part of butterfly is there.

Just today I was sitting in crouch waiting butterflies to come. I had seen some and I was sure they are coming back. My neighbor was standing about 5 meters behind me smoking and most likely wondering what on earth I am doing there almost in ditch. But I didn't mind and didn't want to give him any explanation. I was so concentrated.

This the result: nice photo of small tortoiseshell - taken in Torpparinkaari. Hopefully butterflies are here also in the future.

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