Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 178: What a scenery!

We were driving home from shopping center. I suddenly noticed how great sky was looking: like some kind of ray of light in the middle of the clouds. Luckily I have my pocket camera with me. So happy to have at least some kind of photo of that beautiful scenery.

Day 177: Icy window!

Yes - now we really have winter. Actually today we had winter storm: lot of snow and really heavy and cold wind. Traffic  was jammed in Helsinki - I had problems to go from work to bus station. When looking around I saw many buses with icy windows. They looked actually quite great. This picture I took from bus next to my bus through window. Little creepy - isn't it.

Day 176: Snow!

Now we can talk about snowing. Now there really is snow and it has been forecasted that snowing continues. We will finally have winter! So happy!

Day 175: Snow?

It was forecasted that snowing starts and there will be many centimeters snow. Bah - say I. There is snow if you look carefully enough. So disappointed! Photo taken from little window in my city home.

Day 174: Healthy life - here I come!

Early warning has made me really thinking to do something. I have the feeling that I am not actually making decision - I am just facing reality. Healthy life - here I come. These grapes are one evidence for that. I don't want to have heart attach this young!

Day 173: Hourglass!

I have been wondering where the days have gone. How can my children already be grownups and my parents so old. I am not feeling myself so old - even having "heartbreaks". But yes - time is running all the time. This hourglass is showing that very concretely.

Day 172: Squirrel!

Last winter we had several squirrels in our back yard eating nuts we were offering for birds. This year we changed the place where are offering nuts so that squirrels wouldn't come and disturb birds. But still - there was one squirrel in our teracce. Maybe it was eating something birds had dropped down but I really hope that this year these nice looking animals are not bothering birds! Note that this guy already had his winter coat on.

Day 171: Blackbird in our back yard!

Last winter during Xmas time we first time ever saw blackbird in our backyard. And yes - he is back. I am so happy to see other birds than tits only in our feeding area.

Day 170: Grey-aholic!

I have few favorite tv series which I follow. Like C.S.I (the original - but so fun of the others) and Numb3rs (so sorry that they stopped that after 6 seasons). But I am really hooked with Grey's Anatomy. I am like a Grey-aholic!

Day 169: Make a note!

James Bach told once that he always has little note book with him. He makes notes about problems, solutions, issues and stuff like that. I decided to try that also and so - I am happy to present my "take a testing note" note book. My little black book! I seem to take my job very seriously - don't I. Once a workaholic, always a workaholic.

Day 168: Heart attack?

This is not funny. I had serious chest pain today and doctors where doubtful whether it is heart attach or something else. Didn't I just yesterday decided to start new healthier life and now this? I was very afraid. But luckily it turned out to be something else - what else that I don't know yet. But yes - early warning received. I really need to do something for my height issue.

Day 167: Healthy life!

Today I decided to start - once again - healthier life style. I don't know how many times I have made this decision but as said - once again I decided to do something. I have serious height problem - I am far too short for my weight. (But doctors keep saying that I have serious weight problem - I am far too heave for my 167 centimeters).

But, decision made and this was my evening snack. Looks delicious - or not. This is serious diet food!

Day 166: Ready for action!

Now I am ready for photoing birds in our feeding area when ever birds are there and I am on the other side of window during daylight.