Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 239: Wanna have!

I have been wondering for long time whether to buy iPad or not. Today I most certainly decided "yes, I will buy". Now it is only matter of funding. I don't think I can afford another new toy near future. But decision has been made - timing depends on funding.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 238: Grey day!

Even I like winter and snow today's whether was too much also for me. It was snowing, it was windy, and everything looked grey. So, this time I edited colors off from this photo. Totally grey day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 237: New toy!

I have a new toy. Story of my previous compact camera ended when I got estimation how much it would cost to repair. So I bought a new toy. And I am happy! I am like little children waiting to start exploring what I can do with this toy.

Day 236: Honey!

I am nowadays tea lover. Only one cup of coffee per day - and not even that in some days. For me tea and honey - they belong together. And that is why when we have honey (hunaja in Finnish) in our kitchen cabinet. But don't wake sleeping bear!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 235: Finally framed!

Another unfinished handcraft project finalized when I got these two cross-stitching silhouettes framed. Finally. I don't even remember how long these two have been waiting frames. Several years - that is sure. I have the really bad habit: I leave my handcrafts waiting for perfect moment to be finalized (framing or hemming) and that moment - well, it never comes. It is just about me to do it!

 I think I will give these to my older daughter as Valentine's Day present. Let's see.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 234: Snow pig?

This is once again about mental image. What do you see in this photo? I see pig's snout. Or dog's.

Day 233: Sad frosty art!

This is the last photo taken with my compact camera before it went broken. It is giving object error all the time. I don't want lose my dear friend. Tomorrow I will take it with me and visit one camera shop and ask whether there is something they can do or do I need to buy another one. So sad!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 232: Frosty art?

This is our balcony - it looks quite frosty place. And my honest opinion is that it is almost as cold place as our teracce at this point of time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 231: You never know what you find when looking under the table!

This is true story. This photo is real. I was eating in restaurant and took a photo under the table - and look what I found. Cute little girl smiling like sunshine.

Okay - let's be straight here. I know her and I had some idea that I might find her exactly there. But still - you can't ever be sure what you are photoing if you are just putting your camera and shooting under the table.

Day 230: Reading experiences!

I read a lot. Actually I am also myself wondering how an earth I have time to read when I have the feeling that I am all the time knitting or crocheting. But anyway - even this year I have had reading experiences which I wanna share with you.

Day 229: Celebrating!

Today I passed Professional Scrum Master certification exam. I really have reason to celebrate: have some coffee and cake.

Day 228: Colors!

Colors are important to me. I wrote a lot - as I have mentioned, I believe, also in this blog. But I don't like to write with pencils or pens - unless nothing else available. I am addicted to Stabilo. Does it make me a stabiloholic?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 227: Another sick bird!

I am now really worried. I saw another sick blue tit in our feeding area. First it was just sitting and watching to nowhere. Then suddenly it started to peck the plastic wall - I think it tried to get nuts shown there. After a while it stopped, picked up some grain and flied away. We definitely need to disinfect containers again and sweep all dropped grains and nuts under the containers. I really don't want all the birds to get sick!

Day 226: Something to eat!

So hungry! After travelling almost three hours in bus after 7 hours working day I wanted to have something "easy" to eat. So we made this pancake with mushrooms, onion and turkey. So easy to made: just whisk all ingredients and put the result into roaster. About half an hour in oven and there it is: delicious evening meal. Once again - maybe not a diet food.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 225: Take a note!

Anyone who has seen me sitting in training, seminar or conference knows that I write all the time. It is my style of stay alert. And I enjoy writing. And not just writing. I also used to read my notes from time to time. At least if they are easily available. So, second day in Testing '13 event and even when listening the last speaker I wrote notes. So many interesting issues to be thought again later. Very efficient two days - thank you TestausOSY.

Sorry that notes are in Finnish. Usually I wrote in English but there was only one speech in English so it was more straightforward to use the language heard.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 224: Shut your mouth!

I was participating Testing '13 Event in Helsinki (sorry - in Finnish only). There we had possibility to play Boggle - or to test it, like it was told us. You get five letters and you should make words out of those. And the game (some kind of computer there has to be) didn't accept my words! That is why I am standing my mouth open.

It is so rare that here is photo of me. I am not for self-portrait!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 223: Delete?

Are you sure you want to delete this object? (Yes I am. This is competitor's premises.) Or maybe they are just redesigning they architecture.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 222: Smile!

Since I am quite cranky person I try to keep my spirit up with different means. These smileys are on my laptops - smaller one in work laptop and bigger in personal laptop. Today evening I had them both in use. If only could separate my left and right hands and enable my brains to work with two tasks at the same time - wouldn't that be really high-performance?

I just had to photo these "sisters". Smile! Don't you believe that seeing smiling facing makes you smile too?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 221: Finalize!

I love knitting socks. But when using different colors there are more yarn ends to be "hidden" compared to one color socks.

Day 220: It gave it's all!

This poor Xmas tree has given it's all. As you can see even needles are gone. But this will be great photo for next year's Epiphany card. Yes indeed - I have started new tradition. It is so common that people send Xmas cards - I will be sending Epiphany cards. At least for two friends. For very special reason.

Day 219: Let's meet!

During winter time when it is dark outside most of the day I am working hard to find things to photo. I have always thought I have great ability to imagine what ever. Bah! But let's meet - said these two here.

Day 218: Inside?

Have you ever wondered how it looks like inside of wool sock? If yes - you can now stop wondering. And if you are not at all interested, never mind - I show you this photo anyway.

Day 217: Go home!

Hey come on. Xmas is over. Go home! (I am talking to those two Xmas gnomes in upper window.)

Day 216: Snout?

Once again - it is about how you mind works. What do you see in this shadow? And any guess what it actually is?

Day 215: What is the difference here?

It is obvious that some cars have been parked longer time than others in this parking place. During winter time that difference is quite easy to see - at least if it has been snowing lately.

Day 214: It is all grey!

Two things. One, the world seems to be very grey during winter time - even though snow is white. Two, Hartela's construction site is not "up and running"  - even that was promised to be started during autumn last year.

Day 213: To be certified?

My manager has decided that our team needs to be certified for agile methods. And that is the only reason why I am reading Scrum Guide on Saturday evening. I will participate Professional Scrum Master course next week and I wanna be at least somehow prepared.

Day 212: Out of the box?

There are lot of Finnish design articles which I am not so fond of. Mariskooli is one of them. And still I get one as Xmas present. Well, it is still inside the original box. Maybe it some day comes out of the box. But not today.

Day 211: Early enough?

Sometimes it wise to start early enough. I have decided to cross-stitch this table runner for next Mother's Day. For my mother - of course. Please notice also my beautiful embroidery scissors. Like a heron!

Day 210: Beautiful!

My first in Helsinki this year. I was going to bookshop (Akateeminen Kirjakauppa) when I just had to photo this beautiful view.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 209: Happy New Year!

This year I repeated myself. I didn't manage to have a good photo of fireworks - like last year, or year before that. But who cares - Happy New Year 2013!

Day 208: Slush!

It has raining for few days now and snow has been smelting and turned into slush. Not nice at all! I prefer the snow - as long there is some limit for how much snow.

Day 207: My favorite Xmas jellies!

I just love Fazed Green Marble Jellies. But I never eat those outside of Xmas season. Never! I think that is the secret for our long lasting relationship. But no diet food - I know.

Day 206: Half glove or strange mittens?

What would not mother do for her children? Once again I tried to be a good mother and knitted half glove (kynsikkäät in Finnish) for my daughter. But these are also like mittens when you use "the hat". And she liked those - even those color could have been better.

Day 205: Visitor!

We had visitor who stayed over night. It was Mosse - my daughter's hamster. She had her place insecticided and Mosse couldn't stayed there. So for one night I could imagine me to be a grandmother. Ha, ha!

Day 204: Let's play!

We, meaning me, my husband and both of my daughters and one boyfriend, visited my parents. Even Xmas was already over we ate some good Xmas food. And we also had some Xmas packages for my parents - like knitted socks I made for my father. Since my father is with Alzheimer decease he likes to challenge his brain and once again we played with him. Or my daughters and my husband did. I was busy with some "delayed" Xmas knittings.

Day 203: Unwanted visitors!

We noticed some unwanted visitors in our bird feeding area. Yellow-necked mouses! Yuck!

Day 202: Snow everywhere!

I don't know what to say. One word: snow. It keep snowing. Will this never end?

Day 201: Say cheese!

I love cheese. I really do. And this is quite normal for us when we want to eat some cheese. Not too much - just enough different. Yam! Not diet food but so dam good.

Day 200: Santa Claus is coming to town!

This little Santa Claus carrying a Xmas tree is now on our Xmas tree as decoration. Even it is not Xmas Eve yet my youngest one wanted to decorate the tree already today since her brother was eating Xmas food with us today. My son is going to be working whole Xmas and that is why we started "the serie of Xmas dinners" already today.

Day 199: Full!

This happens every Xmas: suddenly you just notice that there is too much food in you fridge. It is full! But one thing is sure: food is not going to end for few days.

Day 198: Xmas yummies!

My daughter wanted us to make some Xmas yummies and we did: ginger biscuits and mince pies.

Day 197: What to say?

I now have to admit - I am net-aholic. Nowadays our laptop is located so that I can every important things without moving my ass anywhere - like watching tv, writing cards, reading papers and taking photos.  Is that optimization or what?

Day 196: Cute couple!

I bought these knitted mittens many many years ago and they still are my favorite ones. For a long time I have been planning to do something like these but so far it is just dream to be fulfilled.

Day 195: More snow!

Okay - maybe it starts to be true that too much snow is too much snow. When there is no more for room where to plow the snow then it is maybe enough.

Day 194: Not for people with delicate stomach!

We got you! Just when you thought that you got free lunch - snap!

Day 193: Snow bumps!

Two snow bumps on top of our pergola gate. Nice ones. That means that snow is still here. That is what I call winter!

Day 192: What is that?

Once again - my mind is behaving odd - I see this like some slimy lizard is watching me. But actually this is my evening snack: some plum fool on top of quark with rum and raisin. Pretty healthy!

Day 191: Where is the car?

Well, some people might say that there is now more than enough snow. I pretty sure that the guy shoveling snow in order to get his car to road again might be one of those. I even more sure that who ever is trying to dig his/her car out of the snow bank just behind the one being digged, will be swearing some heavy words. There really is car just behind - first there is a car and then there is a snow bank. How about that?

Day 190: Snowy passageway!

On the way back to my flat I just had to take this photo. Like there is someone under the snow - some animal perhaps. Big big snake. Or dragon.